Types of Leadership: Overview

Leadership can be categorized in myriad ways. There are several types of leadership and while some of them are based on approaches or leadership styles, the others are based on the features of a leader. However, there is another category of leadership that tells us about leaders in the organizational hierarchy. Ideally, leaders are emblems of superiority and this is to be understood by the leaders as well in order to perform well and exhibit true leadership skills. Although there may be further variations in the categories of organizational leadership, in this edition we will discuss about leadership in general.

Individual leadership

In this type of leadership, an individual is supposed to perform at a reasonable
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high level in an organization. In other words, the individual will be responsible and recognized for his or her own contribution. Basically, when we talk about types of leadership, we do not always refer to a team of leaders but also on those individuals who are leading an organization on their own. However, everyone can be a leader in an organization on the basis of the responsibilities that they are handling or even when they have not been recognized as a formal leader in the organization.

Organizational leadership

As far as organizational leadership is concerned, it refers to the leaders that are present in the highest level as well as the middle level in an organization. However, in this type of leadership, the individuals are supposed to perform indirectly or they may not have any direct association with the organization. When we study about types of leadership, we must not forget about this category as the leaders present herein are supposed to inspire the work or the responsibilities of a bigger organization through deputy leaders. In addition to this, they also manage the appraisal procedures and interpersonal communication.

Macro Leadership

Macro leadership manifests itself in those organizations that are equipped with complex procedures and hierarchies and also in the political constituencies where there is an involvement of a larger number of people. Becoming a leader in a large organization and handling responsibilities is easier said than done and things are much similar in the political front also. Leading a large city or a country is a daunting task as the leader has to keep in mind the opinion of the common people. Among the types of leadership that are discussed here, Macro Leadership is perhaps the most difficult in nature.